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Teaching activities at UC3M


I teach biomedical instrumentation at the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Study Program Bachelor in Biomedical Engineering. This degree was launched in 2010 and since then it has become one of the most prestigious degrees in bioengineering in Spain. The degree is taught in English, and the number of students from abroad is increasing every year.

I was the first Degree Director, what gave me the great opportunity of working on the design and implementation of the program in collaboration with a great group of distinguished professors and researchers.


I combine my research activity with the coordination of the courses and laboratories of the "Instrumentation track" of this degree, and I mentor a group of graduate and undergraduate students interested on different aspects of molecular imaging instrumentation, biomedical instrumentation like wearable and handheld devices for monitoring and diagnose, sensors, and signal and data processing.



Bachelor Degree in Biomedical Engineering at UC3M

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